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We offer an eclectic array of entertainment, specializing in everything from slapstick comedy to sophisticated living art shows. Our performers have extensive experience and revel in creative exploration of their talents and skills. This means that every performance is unique and tailored to the client, venue, and audience it serves. Our goal is to engage, enchant, and entertain.

Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment specializes in atmospheric shows, variety arts productions and specialty acts. Our sophisticated Living Garden shows are ideal for special events and long term installations at museums, festivals, and gardens. The Gromalot Theatre Factory produces comedic live theatre plays that engage and interact with the audience, perfect for performance arts centers. Our sister company, Fight or Flight Productions, offers the right complement of specialty acts and acrobatically inclined performers for every event. Audiences are sure to be transported by our comedic ingenuity and sumptuous style.

As a high-quality production company, we offer a wide range of guest appropriate, delightful entertainment for theme parks, performing arts centers, museums, festivals, and special events. Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment caters to the physical comedy lover in all of us. Find out more about all we have to provide! We know you’ll leave with a smile!

The Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment experience is not limited to the stage, it starts and ends with you. We’re here to listen to your ideas and take them to the next level with our unique blend of creativity, passion, and talent. Odd-o-Ts’ specializes in slapstick and physical comedy, variety arts, comedic characters, specialty acts and living art performances. We collaborate personally with every client to offer custom casting services, talent management, show creation, creative direction, and performance consultation. Clients and audiences agree: Odd-o-Ts’? Yes, please!

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