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Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment offers variety acts and theatrical productions to meet your entertainment needs. Our award-winning shows combine storytelling that is rich in both hilarity and ingenuity with visually stunning, atmospheric entertainment. Whatever the venue or audience, we have the show for you

Musical Acts

The Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment family is a forerunner in the live entertainment industry. Through artistry and innovation, we strive to bring engaging shows, entertainment resources and coordination to theme parks, performing arts centers, and special events. With whimsy, originality and humor, our shows appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

To create dynamic thrilling performances, we often partner with our sister company, Fight or Flight Productions.


Visit them by clicking HERE.

“A great weight is lifted when working with you and your team. I know that the work will be done quickly and with great care. Odd-o-Ts’ makes me — and everyone on their team — look good.”

“I cannot tell you how many people, young and old, comment about how inspired they feel by your stage shows. The range of quality entertainment you offer is more than any I’ve seen from other entertainment companies or theme parks.”

“Odd-o-Ts’ is a company that you can present an idea to and they will run with it and make it work, all under the confines you or your company prescribe. They are true professionals with their finger on the pulse of quality entertainment.”

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